Dancing Flame Natural Candles came about like a whirlwind in 2002. My daughter and I had the idea of making a candle gift, this turned into a quest searching for alternatives to paraffin. Discovering natural waxes such as soy wax. Our kitchen became a wax splattered workshop as we endeavoured to create the perfect candle. Candlemaking soon became a passion. With a new found patience and literally thousands of hours of experimentation a unique range of aromatherapy, fragrant and unscented candles were born.

Living on the South Coast of NSW Australia, the Saturday Moruya Country Markets has been a great venue, oh my goodness hasn't that feedback been great !! Fourteen years later we are still going strong, customers new & old are continually blown away by our candles, their great scent, long burn times and consistant top quality.

I love making candles they have been a part of civilization and ceremonies for aeons. It is very special knowing they are used for celebrations & festivities as well as shedding light & comfort to people during difficult times Dancing Flame Natural Candles has become the business it is today due to our loyal regular customers - thank you.

Candles Created

Top Quality

  • Earth wise
  • Clean Burn
  • Long Burn Times
  • Fantastic scent throw
  • Aromatherapy candles
  • Fragrant candles
  • Candles glow like a lantern showing crystalline patterns
Earth Wise

The candles we create are environmentally friendly we use -

  • Pure Cotton Wicks - no lead or zinc
  • Natural Wax - from plantations member of the roundtable of sustainable growers
  • Pure Soy Wax - no additives, no GMO and Kosher Certified
  • Essential Oils - creating aromatherapy candles
  • Hand poured - in a quiet peaceful environment

The popular fragrances we use are of the highest possible quality, however these are not a totally natural product.  If you are after an all natural product, the aromatherapy candles are the way to go.


    As each candle is unique, patterns and colours vary, burn times and measurements are approximate.

    Health & Saftey

    In choosing your aromatherapy candle it is recommended if you are pregnant or have allergies to check with a medical practitioner. A naked flame is always a potential fire hazard. Tips & safety instructions are provided upon purchasing your candle, it is important to follow these instructions.

    Custom Made Candles

    We have a wide range of candles available, however I certainly understand if you would like an aroma in a different colour to which I have listed. You may be after something specific or organising for a special occasion. Please email me so I can cater to your requirementsoffice@dancingflamecandles.com.au .


    Candles will be dispatched within seven days of receipt of payment Check out FAQ or email me if you have any queries.