I absolutely love the markets. Having been a marketeer for over fourteen years now, I understand you may have questions. Whether they are in relation to our aromatherapy, fragrant or unscented candles your question may be answered here..

Do your candles have long burn times?

Yes, these candles have very long burn times. With the combination of soy and natural waxes and a good formula a long burn time is created.

Do your candles really smell when they burn?

Yes you will be delighted to know all our aromatherapy and fragrant candles have a fantastic scent throw. I test and try them all out before I add them to our range. There is an art to a fantastic scent throw.

What is the difference between an aromatherapy candle and a fragrant candle?

An aromatherapy candle is made with essential oils these have been extracted from plants, they are totally natural and have theraputic benefits. Fragrance oils are a mixture of aromas/flavours and have been synthetically enhanced, they are not totally natural, however they still smell awesome.

Which candles smell the strongest?

They all have great scent throws. It depends on what you like and the "situation" you are placing your candle in. The smaller the room the stronger the aroma. A bathroom or bedroom may only require one votive for a great aroma. A living area will require a larger candle or a couple of votives. Your ceiling height can also make a difference. Aromatherapy oils vibrate at different levels, orange will rise higher than rose geranium which tends to hang lower. The fragrant aromas tend to hang lower. Just email me if you are after guidance on this topic. I could go on for hours...

Do you custom make candles?

Yes we do, just let me know what you are after and we will see what we can do.

Do you have discounts?

We offer free post Australia Wide for orders over $120.

Do you do wholesale?

Yes more than happy to do discount prices for events, weddings etc. However if you are thinking of reselling them as we use top quality products and spend alot of time creating the perfect candle we may not be able to offer you a very big discount send me an email for a quote.

What would you recommend?

I am looking for a gift for my young daughter inlaw - frangipani, angel type, honeydew Grandmother - lavender, rose geranium the soy pots are great Husband - lemongrass or any citrus. Middle aged mother - well any candle would be delightful, we are just happy that you remembered.

How else can I order. apart from over the internet?

Just phone Sue 0478 044 032 or Dave 0427 717 135 or email us.

How can I purchase your candles I live locally and can't get to the markets?

I can deliver to your door or you can pop in and check out the studio just call and we will organise it.

How do I stop my candle from burning right down the centre?

The general rule of thumb is to burn your candle for 1 hour every 2.5cm of diameter on your first burn or as close to. This will set the premieter of the melt pool as far as it can go. As your candle burns down and the flame gets lower your sides will start to drip inward your sides will get thinner, this dripping in adds to the scent throw. Try to be patience and do not rip the sides off at least until your candle is close to finishing.

I have some wax left over from my candle what can I do with it?

Don't throw it out just yet !! These natural wax candles all burn down like a lantern, if they didn't they would collapse. There will always be some wax left over. I recommend you use it in the top of your oil burner. The scent will not be as strong as when the candle was burning so move the oil burner to a smaller room. Eventually the wax will run out of aroma & you will have to part with it. People do all sorts of things with it, line their bins , throw it into their underwear drawer, leave it in the car to scent it. I would not recommend doing this with the pure soy wax as it can melt. Any other ideas welcome...

Do you have an unanswered question?

Just email me office@dancingflamecandles.com.au